The well-appointed and spacious clubhouse of today had very rustic beginnings.

A special meeting in 1967 considered the proposition to embark on a major construction program to replace the 19th hole, which was basically a tin shed and a ‘country dunny’. Arguments for and against were presented at length and it was obvious that there was strong opposition to the heavy financial commitment needed to embark on the venture. When it came to the vote the progressive program was approved by a very slender majority.

The first stage consisted merely of showers, lockers and toilets. Four years later stage 11 went into operation. The bar and lounge area were constructed and the Riverside clubhouse of the future began to take shape, although there was still much needing to be done to make the vision of an impressive Club House a reality.

In 1974 the dining room and offices were added and the whole project was brought to rapid completion by Christmas 1975 with the finishing of the ladies locker rooms. The office section and blending of the established facilities created a smoothly integrated complex.

Since that time, there have been refurbishments to the bar, the offices have been relocated within the building and in 1995 the dining room atrium was added, creating a popular location with a stunning vista for functions.