Local Rules

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Heat Policy

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Visitors & Guests

Please visit Golf Visitors (link to Golf Visitor page) for rules for visitors and guests of Members to play at West Lakes Golf Club.


Practice on the course is limited to a single player hitting a second ball. Such practice shall not interfere with any other following player.

All members may use the practice facilities without restriction.

Practice from the first Tee from 3pm to 5pm Monday to Friday

Membership Discs 

Membership Discs are given to Members upon payment of membership and must be attached to golf bags.  Discs should have Member’s name and current year’s sticker displayed. Replacement discs are available from the front office in the reception area of the Clubhouse.

Blue discs – Category A – Seven Day and Country Members

Green discs –  Category B – Six Day, Veteran and Junior Members

Yellow discs –  Category C – Five Day and Pensioner Members.

White discs – Medically approved members to use a motorized conveyance

Red discs – 9 Hole members and Come & Try Members

Light Blue discs – Promotional – Come & Try 2 months and Get into Golf 2 months access

Orange discs – Promotional –  Monday Membership

Neighboring properties 

West Lakes Golf Club cannot stress how important it is to keep up a good relationship with our neighbours. Entering a neighbour’s property to retrieve a ball or use an extended retrieval device to retrieve a ball is strictly NOT permitted. Any member not complying with this will be liable to an automatic one months’ suspension from the Club.

Mobile phones

It is asked that all patrons use their mobile phones in a way that does not interfere with others enjoyment of the facilities.

Dress code

To view the West Lakes Golf Club Dress Standards, please click here. 

Liquor License

West Lakes Golf Club is a licensed premise and operates under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 (SA).

The consumption of alcohol on the course during play is permitted providing Members maintain conduct which does not impose on other players. Any alcohol consumed on the course must be purchased from the bar in The Clubhouse.

Excessive abuse of this privilege will attract disciplinary action by the Board. The Board may impose restrictions during certain events.

Players not conforming to these guidelines including being seen to have brought in alcoholic beverages from offsite shall be requested to leave The Clubhouse and/or Course immediately, and be required to attend a disciplinary meeting.

Contact Us

 Any suggestions should be submitted, in writing, addressed to the General Manager

West Lakes Golf Club
26 Lochside Drive
West Lakes SA 5021
Ph: (08) 8268 3054