Members are able to bring visitors (guests) to West Lakes Golf Club to experience the golf course. All Members are expected to ensure that their guests comply with Club policies.

Please click here to view the current West Lakes Golf Club Dress Code.

A Member may introduce only one visitor (guest) on Public Holidays and one visitor (guest) every four Sundays before 10.00am.

A Member may introduce a maximum of three visitors (guests) on a week day or after 10.00am on Public Holidays and Sundays.

It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that green fees are paid prior to play (any member that is seen not complying with this is liable to an automatic one months’ suspension from the Club). The Member must play with the visitor(s) introduced.

Current fees for guests are as follows:

  • $40 for 18 holes for a visitor (guest) to play with a Member
  • $25 for 9 holes for a visitor (guest) to play with a Member

West Lakes Golf Club also offers an introductory two month Come & Try Membership for guests wanting to enjoy the benefits of Membership for a limited period. For more information about the Come & Try Membership, please click here.

West Lakes Golf Club is also involved in the Club Advantage program, for more information about Club Advantage, please click here.

West Lakes Golf Club financial Members currently enjoy reciprocal rights with other Clubs, please click here for more information.