Emily & Josh

18th April 2015

After meeting in their first year of University, Emily and Josh were close friends before becoming life partners. As timing had it, it took three years for their friendship to blossom into romance. At the beginning of their last year studying teaching, Josh asked Emily on a date in the University carpark where they planned to go to Marion’s Gold Class Cinema – the rest is history!

Josh’s proposal was sentimental and romantic. On their six month anniversary Josh told Emily that he wanted to take her out for lunch but had to stop by University first. After arriving Josh told Emily he had a present for her, so they sat on a group of rocks that they used to sit on throughout their first year of studies. When Emily opened the present she found a photo of Josh and herself framed with the words “Will you marry me?” and looked up to find Josh on one knee with a beautiful ring asking her to be his wife. She said YES!

After preparing at each of their parents houses, the couple tied the knot at their church in Oakden.

“We had a lot of family members and friends involved in our wedding ceremony held at our church in Oakden – and we loved every minute of it!”

“I walked down the aisle to one of Josh’s favourite songs ‘Making Memories of Us’ by Keith Urban. Our wedding was even more special with Josh’s grandpa officiating our wedding and announcing us as Mr and Mrs Smith.”

Following the ceremony, Emily and Josh had professional photos taken at the old ‘Milk Shed’ in Oakden, on Largs jetty, inside the Largs Pier Hotel and at West Lakes Golf Club where they held their reception.

“The day turned out to be a very wet and cold but we had two incredible photographers from Kylie South Photography who were able to use the weather to our advantage and took beautiful photos at our wedding venue in Oakden and reception at West Lakes Golf Club.”

Emily and Josh chose West Lakes Golf Club as their reception venue because of the flexible and affordable options they provide.

“In our initial meetings with West Lakes Golf Club, the Functions Coordinator understood our vision and accommodated all our needs to make our reception exactly how we wanted it.”

“We had a romantic theme with our wedding with light purple chair covers and rose petals set on each table. West Lakes Golf Club made our planning for this theme very simple with a selection of ideas to achieve this look.”

West Lakes Golf Club catered Emily and Josh’s wedding with guests indulging in pre-dinner canapés and a three course menu.

Their cake was a delicious single story white chocolate mud cake with buttercream icing and a tower of vanilla and lemon curd cupcakes. With dessert included in their West Lakes wedding package, Emily’s brother who is a professional baker prepared the cake and cupcakes with all of the flowers made by Karen from Artificial Wedding Bouquets which guests were able to take home with them.

“West Lakes Golf Club was absolutely amazing from when we arrived the day before to set up, until the end of our reception the next day!”

“The venue looked gorgeous, the food was delicious, the staff were so friendly and helpful and even the members were so accommodating of all of our guests taking over the bar area because of the rain!”

After saying “I do” the couple spent two nights at The Lakes Resort before jetting off to Magnetic Island in Queensland for some sunshine and relaxation.

West Lakes Golf Club wishes Emily and Josh a long and prosperous future full of love and laughter together. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Smith!

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