The Course will be Closed from 12.30 Monday the 1st and all day Tuesday the 2nd of November

All fairways will be Scarified and fertilized on these days, 
This process removes the thatch and will promote fantastic re-growth.


Hard Tyning all Tee Blocks
Fertilize all Greens & Fairways
Wetting Agent all fairways
Kikuyu program fires up

Wayne Lapthorne 2IC
Solid Tynes

Tyning surrounds of the 9th

Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo’s are new visitors to our Course
They are loving the new spring pine cones and make quite a din.

Tailings used to sooth under the Pines by the 9th Green

Practice Green Sweeping
W Lapthorne

Volunteers – J Uzzell & P Wood
Adding to the Spring Veggie patch

Volunteer – G Rowe

9th Green – Coring & Sanding
S Gillespie

All Course Greens
Cored and Sanded

Finishing Touches
August 2021


Click to view Members Update – Grounds Committee May 2021
The Ongoing Bunker Program with the Mt Compass Sand, Aeration of Tees, Fairways and Greens and Tree Works throughout the winter months.
So Far lifting of Branches along 11th, 12th and 13th Fairways trees. Ongoing Irrigation repairs
The Bunker by the 9th green is now complete

Aaron Ware
Our Mechanic & Greenkeeper

Jamie Grillett

Friendly reminder ta all players
Please repair your divots on the fairways and in the rough
Fix pitch marks on the greens correctly
Rake the bunkers after use and replace the rake in the direction of play 
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15th Hole Refurbishment now completed 30/4/2021
Cleaning out of Tress around Greenkeepers Shed
Upgraded 15th Hole Bunker

Taking Care of Trees Team hard at it!!

Trees on the 15th at Daybreak

End result of a major Clean out


15th Hole Bunker Before, During and the End Result with new sand and a solid base.
Thanks West Lakes Greenkeeping team!!!

New Greens Nursery now Completed
Lazer levelling, new sand for a new start


Preferred lies now on the front 9 fairways only
GUR around tailings piles and under the the pines on the 9th

Kikuyu Clean Up on the 5th with sodding now COMPLETED

New bunker sand with a more orange color is being tried out
This is a blend of sand from Mount Compass

Practice Sand Bunker gets a Face Lift

16th Green side Bunkers

Jamie Grillett

On Going Volunteers Projects – Watch this space!

Stuart Gillespie on the Greens Mower
Superintendent of Grounds

Tailings from the greens serve as fillers
Under the Pines on the 9th

Treated 9th Green

Course Closure – Monday 7th of August – Coring all greens.
Stuart is happy with the result. Now for a bit of rain!!
The Greens staff and contractors have Cored all greens with Small 8ml Tynes, Rollied & Cut with a final dusting
Monday Members are welcome to play on Thursday call the Pro Shop to book 8268 3054

Our Course 
The 2 scheduled Winter projects are now complete.
We are waiting for some much needed rain and for the sunshine to return before addressing the Kikuyu Grass on the course.
Re Turfing a section on the 5th Fairway will happen in September.

A big Thank you to our volunteers who are here every week to help with the on going challenge to prepare the course for the growing season 
On the Course – Graham Rowe, Wayne Sutton, Greg Burk and John Middleton
Gardens and Surrounds – Jude Uzzell and Pat Wood
with Marg and Ian Husdell

2nd Winter Project -10th Tee Remodel
Remodel, Reshaping and re sodding to the front of the tiger Tee to enlarge the tee block

Super – Stuart Gillespie
Scott Virgo

Re sodding the area on the 10th Tee

Wayne Sutton – Volunteer
Thank you!!

Work in progress

Understanding Members
Barb Bos and Jenny Rosevear

First of the of the Winter Projects  – 17th Hole Fairway bunker
Reduce, Reshape, Refill the large bunker on the 17th Fairway
The area is now GUR until the remodel settles.

New Bunker & Mounding

The 17th Green

Resurfacing finished Bunker

View of the 17th Fairway

Scott Virgo work in progress

The Shape

Reclaiming the left bunker to be filled in

A Different kind of challenge now!