Brum Plate Winner 2020
Ken Smith with Allan Wiltshire

The Perpetual Brum Plate 2020 final game was held on the 30 November for 2020, held at Tea Tree Gully Golf Club.
As this was the final game for the year, the yearly scores were reviewed to establish the player who had the best average over 5 rounds in the year is the winner.

Once again a member from West Lakes Golf Club came out as the winner.

At Tea Tree Gully. In all there was 74 players, and the weather was perfect. The Course was in excellent condition and the greens certainly confused a few.
All those players who played, enjoyed the day, and intend to continue the Club Advantage experience again next year.

The overall winner on the day was Stan Stoyanoff (WL) on 39 Points on a countback from Gary Quinn (TTGGC). Third was Bernie Tippins (Flagstaff) on 38 Points on a countback from Angelo Depalma (Mt Osmond), Peter Tucker (TTGGC), and Jeff Yates (TTGGC). Following them was Pat Benencasa (TTTGC) in 6th place on 37 Points from Peter Tannenbaum (TTGGC).

Nearest the pins were John Merritt on 2, Stan Stoyanoff on 8 and Peter Dowd on 13.

As today was our final event for 2020, the yearly scores were updated and a winner was determined for the Brum Plate Trophy. The winner this year with a best average score over 5 rounds was Ken Smith from West Lakes, with an average score of 34.20, followed by Michael Flaherty from Flagstaff Hill with 33.40, Peter Dowd from TTGGC with 33.20, Peter Mullins from Blackwood with 33.00, Angelo Depalma from Mt Osmond with 32.8 and Des Traeger from West Lakes with 32.60. A total of 50 players had played a minimum of 5 rounds this year, qualifying them for inclusion in the yearly trophy.

All Club Advantage Club members are welcome to participate you can contact Allan Wiltshire  

Perpetual Brum Plate 2019

Stan Stoyanoff 2019 Winner
Ken Smith Founding participant

Winner 2019 Brum Plate
Stan Stoyanoff

Ken Smith, West Lakes member for 36 years created the Brum Plate Salvver in honor of Vale, Brenton Brumford ex president of TTTG GC
The Brum Plate started as a challenge between a group of Tennis & Golf Friends from TTG GC and WLGC
There is now about 20 members and 60 players that compete over the year with games at various courses.

West Lakes player Malcolm Thomas has won the plate twice. Our players have a history of success with this event.

Congratulations to Stan Stoyanoff a member for 3 years winning the Brum Plate 2019
Also to Jim Pawlyn a member for 5 years placed 4th.

Unfortunately with the current health restrictions The Brum Plate is on Hold for 2020 as with our usual Inter Club Pennant competitions and many Golf Australia Events.
Allan Wiltshire is hopeful that the 2020 Season may begin in July at the Vines GC but this is yet to be confirmed.

If anyone is interested please contact Allan on his email address
With your Golflink Number and a contact telephone number.
The only condition of joining our group is the player MUST have access to a Club Advantage card as part of their club membership.
All of the games are played on Monday mornings around 8.30 to 9.00 hit-off.
A yearly fee of $5.00 is collected to cover incidental expenses and to buy Golf balls for our comps.

For further info can contact WLGC members Malcolm Thomas, Stan Stoyanoff, Geoff Parish or Des Traeger.
There is a good number of West Lakes members who are in our group. 

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3 rounds per year at each club

Jim Pawlyn with Stan Stoyanoff



“Greetings West Lakes Golf Club,

I am the organizer of the “Brum Plate” golf events. This group consists of Club members of the 6 clubs involved in the Club Advantage scheme, and we hold monthly events on Mondays from February to December at each of the Club Advantage courses. We have a perpetual trophy (The Brum Plate) which requires qualifying players to play at least 7 rounds in the year, and the average score for their best 7 rounds wins the Trophy. The winner this year was  Stan Stoyanoff from your Club with an average score of 35.14 points, for his 7 games, followed by Michael Flaherty from Flagstaff Hill and Allan Wiltshire from Tea Tree Gully on 34.43 points and Jim Pawlyn from West Lakes on 34.29 points . Please offer an invitation to any of your members who would like to join our Group for 2020, they should contact Malcolm Thomas, Jeff Parish, Ken Smith, Des Treager or Bob Williams for contact details. Our heartiest congratulations to Stan and we look forward to seeing all the West Lakes members who have played this year, again in 2020.

Best Wishes to all your members Allan Wiltshire
December 2019″