Visitors Special Offer $129 – 2 Players
Selected tee times available – 18 holes for 2 players with a golf cart
Appropriate Dress code and Etiquette is required!!
Call the Pro Shop on 8268 3054 to book your round
The Clubhouse 19th hole is awaiting after your round, your welcome!!
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Save up to 75% on Entrance Fee

Call Jo Kervers on 0405 104 768 for all things Membership

Make our West Lakes Golf Club your Home Club
Share the entrance fee between 2 or more players and come into a Full membership category.
Club Advantage with 5 Metro Clubs and Reciprocal Rights with other – Country and Interstate Clubs.
Immediate Voting rights.
Fantastic Clubhouse, Veranda , Atrium and Locker room facilities.

A bit of Fun