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Email from the 1st of April 2020

To All Members, This email provides an update on the latest developments at West Lakes Golf Club.    

  1. Golf Australia – new ruling for S.A. Clubs

Golf Australia (GA) formally advised SA clubs last night that they can continue to be open for golfing provided the restrictions we have put in place are seen to be followed and working.  GA has decided this after receiving advice from the SA Government and SA Police that golf courses in SA would be treated the same as beaches and parks and a limit of 10 people together would be applied (as well as social distancing between individuals).

This is very welcome news for you and our club, but we need your cooperation to be able to continue to be open.  The part we must manage carefully is the gathering of a maximum of 10 people prior to hitting off.  Having groups of 2 and following instructions from the pro shop staff will help, but each player must do their part to ensure we comply at all times and pass any inspection that is occurring regularly around Adelaide.

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE TO PLAY MORE THAN 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TEE OFF.  If your trip accidentally gets you there a bit early, do not go to the pro shop or around the first tee until 15 minutes before tee off at the earliest.  If it looks like there are 10 people in the area already, stay in your car until some people leave.  After golf, place your cards in the box by the pro shop and vacate the club. 

  1. Two Players per group means less spots available to book into

To help with this situation, in the interests of all of your fellow members getting a game, we ask you to abide by the following:

  • If you don’t work and can play during the week, please leave the Saturday and Sunday spots open to give the ‘weekend only’ members a chance to book in
  • If you can only play on the weekend, please book into either Saturday or Sunday golf, not both.

This will give more members a chance to make a booking soon after the timesheets open.  If there are still vacant spots remaining 48 hours before the tee off time, any member can then book into a spot.

  1. Other information 

We are awaiting the delivery of the new sand buckets.  When these are available, the filling of divots will again become a required action.  In the meantime, if you have your own sand bucket, you can help by filling in other divots you see.

For members who are not used to using the online booking system, the days and times that the booking sheets ‘open’ online are published on our website and are summarized below:

  • Monday – open 7 days prior at 6:00am (previous Monday)
  • Tuesday – open 15 days prior at 4:00pm (Monday of previous fortnight)
  • Wednesday – open 8 days prior at 12:00pm (Tuesday of previous week)
  • Thursday – open 7 days prior at 6:00am (previous Thursday)
  • Friday – open 7 days prior at 6:00am (previous Friday)
  • Saturday – open 8 days prior at 12:00pm (Friday of previous week)
  • Sunday – open 7 days prior at 6:00am (previous Sunday)

Many thanks for your continued cooperation with these and the other measures that have been put in place which are allowing us to continue to get our healthy exercise and golf ‘fix’.

Ken Godson, President 

Email from the President 31/03/2020

To All Members,

This email provides an update on the additional restrictions and safety measures being put in place this week as a result of the Prime Minister’s media statement on 29 March.    

The two additional areas impacting golfers are: 1) a maximum of two players per golfing group; and 2) advice for at risk people to self-isolate at home.

 1.  Two Players Per Group

 Monday, Tuesday*, Thursday, and Friday – The timesheets have already been changed to groups of two.

Please check your booking as your time may have changed and remove your name if you wish to no longer play. 

Additions and changes can be done online.  * Tuesday Women – see additional note below.

 Wednesday 1 Apr – Timesheet has been locked.  All names will be deleted and the timesheet will open for bookings in groups of two at 11.00 AM Tuesday 31 March (tomorrow).

 Wednesday 8 Apr – Timesheet will open for bookings in groups of two at 12.00 PM Thursday 2 April.

 Saturday 4 Apr – Timesheet has been locked.  All names will be deleted and the timesheet will open for bookings in groups of two at 3.00 PM Tuesday 31 March (tomorrow).   

The Eclectic comp will be postponed.

Sunday 5 Apr – Timesheet has been locked.  All names will be deleted and the timesheet will open for bookings in groups of two at 12.00 PM Thursday 2 April.   

 ‘Permanent Bookings’  will not be loaded into the Wed and Sat timesheets until further notice.

 * Tuesday Women’s Competitions – Due to restrictions around the handling of scorecards etc, the Women’s Committee will not be running the competition. 

Instead the Pro Shop will conduct 18 hole and 9 hole stableford competitions and award prizes as per the process for Men’s and Mixed competitions. 

2.  Advice for Senior Members

 The Federal Government has issued the following statement:

 “Coronavirus has more serious impacts on older Australians, those over 70 years of age and Australians with existing health conditions or comorbidities.  

National Cabinet’s strong advice is for self-isolation at home to the maximum extent practicable for Australians:

           –  over 70 years of age; 
           –  over 60 years of age who have existing health conditions or comorbidities;
           –  indigenous Australians over the age of 50 who have existing health conditions or comorbidities.”

 This is “strong advice”, not a rule or direction, but members in any of these categories should reassess playing golf.

 A full list of all the restrictions now in place is in the attached notice which will be posted around the club and online. 

 In closing, thank you to all who have attended the club in the last week and demonstrated how easy it is to cooperate and abide by the restrictions that have had to be put in place.  

Please continue to follow the direction and instructions being given by our pro shop staff – they are doing a terrific job in keeping everyone separated and compliant with the restrictions prior to hit off.

Ken Godson President, 
West Lakes Golf Club

From Paul Curtis @ 30/3/2020

The following measures are in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at our club:

  • Time sheets are now 2 Ball only effective from Monday 30th March
  • Safe distancing of at least 1.50m
  • Members only, no visitors allowed
  • Pro shop restrictions for the number of people allowed at a time
  • 1st tee starts only from Monday 30th March
  • No NTP’s in play
  • Bunker rakes removed, additional local rules amended for bunkers
  • Flag stick to remain in at all times, remove ball with your gloved hand
  • Mark your own scorecards, verbally confirm scores with your playing partner
  • Balls washers and drinking fountains covered over
  • Clubhouse bar and kitchen closed until further notice, office, toilets and locker rooms still open

The club is doing all we can to keep golf operating and being played by our members, therefore please ensure you do the right thing and adhere to our guidance. 

Paul Curtis
General Manager