Volkswagen Scramble 2020
6th of February – Women’s – 8.00am Shotgun start
9th of February – Mixed – 7.30am Shotgun start  
Members can have one visitor per group
Congratulations To the Winning Group
When asked for the secret to scoring 11 birdies Pavel Vasek replied 
THAT”S GOLF – all the putts, just went in!!!
Topped off by some really steady play from the whole Team.

Winners C Simms, A & P Vasek with

W Matthews

Runners Up N & L Granlesse, D Lucas

absent W Grandal Jnr

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Thank you Chris Holliday

The Men in White

Its a family affair

Early Morning Start

Large Field

Players on Each Tee and Green

Great Shot to have a chance for Birdie

13th Tee R Summerell

5th Fairway R Summerell

10th Tee B Singler