A3 Women’s Pennant Team Finalists 2018
Our Girls Played Glenelg GC at Home – West Lakes down 2 / 3
Thank you to all The Players, The Manager, Caddies and volunteers for representing our Club with a Fantastic effort this year.

A Big Thank You to Peter Hodgkison from Bendigo Community Bank – West Beach for their Continued Sponsorship of our Pennant, Cleek and Hickory Teams

Monday 2nd of July
A3 played Royal Adelaide at North Adelaide – West Lakes won 4 to 1
Cleek 1 played Mount Osmond at Flagstaff Hill – West Lakes Squared the matched
Hickory  – West Lakes won 5 to 0

Well this is my last bulletin.  It has been a really exciting season  with pennants in the finals next week, well done a fantastic effort.
Cleek 1 squared today against Mount Osmond, ending up 3rd overall,  also a great effort after our stumbling block the first two weeks, we needed a 4/1 win to get in the finals, so close ladies.
Hickory had a 5/0 win at home also great for them.
We now look forward to supporting our pennant ladies next week at home, they will be playing Glenelg.
Hazel Dann
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Monday 25th June Results
A3 played Glenelg GC at Flagstaff Hill GC – West Lakes Squared to Match 2 & 1/2 to 2 & 1/2
Cleek 1 played North Adelaide GC at Kooyonga GC  – West Lakes won 4 game to 1
Hickory played Westward Ho GC at The Grange GC – West Lakes Squared the match, 2 1/2 to 2 1/2 

Monday 18th June Results – A3 played Mt Osmond GC at Royal Adelaide – West Lakes winning 3 & 1/2 to 2 & 1/2
Cleek played Kooyonga GC at North Adelaide  – West Lakes down 2 / 3
Hickory West Lakes winning again 3 1/2 to 1 1/2

Monday 4th June Results – A3 played Kooyonga at Kooyonga – West Lakes winning 3 to 2
Cleek played The Vines at The Grange – West Lakes winning 4 to 1 
Hickory played Flagstaff at Blackwood – West Lakes winning 3 1/2 to 1 1/2

Monday 28th of May Results – A3 Pennant team played North Adelaide GC at Glenelg GC and Won 4 matches to 1
Cleek 1 Team played  The Grange GC at Mt Osmond GC and Won 3 matches to 2 – Hickory played The Vines at Flagstaff Hill GC and lost 4 matches to 1

A3 Pennant Team 2018

Monday 21st Results – A3 Pennant played Flagstaff Hill and won 5 up – Cleek 1 played Blackwood GC lost 3/2.- Hickory played Mt Osmond at Mt Osmond GC and lost 3.5 to 1.5
Monday 14th Results – A3 Pennant won 3 up/with 2 to play, Cleek lost 4 down/with 1 to play and Hickory lost 3 down/with 2 to play

A3 Pennant, Cleek and Hickory Teams will compete this year
The comeptition is a Match play format over 18 holes 
Travelling to various Metroploitan Clubs, starting on Manday 14th of May 

Uniform Presenation Sponsored By Bendigo Bank with Peter Hodgkison
A Big Thnak you to Peter and the West Beach Bendigo Bank for their continued support of our Ladies and the The Club.

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Cleek 1 Team 2018

 A3 Pennant Team

Uniform Presentations