McMillan Shield 2018

We had a great season in McMillan Shield this year with some old faces and new faces playing for the club. I was especially proud of our Captain Joel Metcalfe and Vice Captain Harry Prider for the way they handled themselves and lead the younger guys through the process. They both did a great job on and off the field mentoring our new guys and making sure they all had fun. Well done young men.

Congratulations to our new team members Ethan Ashley, Nicholas Williamson, Lyndon Williamson and Khye Maddern. They all played really well against opposition that were sometimes older and more experienced than them and did a fantastic job.

Thanks also to our girls Keely Bowen and Amy Anderson who helped cement the middle of our team with some really solid golf, and not forgetting Archie Charles and Zane Peucker who I have seen just get better and better this year. Keep an eye out for these four on our leader boards in the future, I think they will be dominating them in the not too distant future.

And lastly, thank you to all the parents and care givers who caddied and supported our group this year, without your support our Juniors wouldn’t be able to enjoy our great game the way they do.

Thank you again and see you all for the pennants season soon.

Keith Bowen

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